The benefits of aging at home


5 November 2018 Advice

As long as the state of health and the level of autonomy of a senior allow it, there is no problem that this person stays at home. It goes without saying that one must make sure that one’s home is adapted to one’s new needs.


Seniors and their families can benefit largely from staying in their homes. Here are a few:

  • Benefit from tax credits for home support
  • Take Advantage of Deductions and Grants for Seniors

Over time, an older person may no longer be able to do certain tasks on their own. It is at this time that family members or CLSC staff intervene and take on these tasks. In this regard, it is suggested that planning for home support initiatives be started early with health and social services agencies so that they are not affected by unforeseen circumstances.


It may be necessary to make changes to the senior’s home to make it safe and operational. Conducting the home adaptation needs assessment determines the measures to be taken to address the issues identified.

Transportation is a determining factor in a person’s level of independence. The loss of driver’s license due to medical problems and / or aging is to be considered. In everyday life, many activities involve having to move: appointments, shopping, recreational outings … It is therefore necessary to take into account the other means of transport offered on the territory: public transit, volunteer transport services, taxis, the entourage …

Finally, it is in the interest of seniors to use the resources that are intended for them. In fact, resources such as those offered by Serenis allow seniors to maintain their independence longer and to age with dignity. It is also strongly suggested to inform the family about the conduct of home care procedures. If needed, it will be easier for family members to advise and support you.


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