Private home care to the rescue of caregivers


3 December 2018 Advice

According to a study carried out by the association of caregivers, nearly half of them would feel totally overwhelmed by the events. They say they are exhausted both physically and psychologically by their responsibilities. The risk of depression for these caregivers is very high if they do not seek help themselves.

The caregivers who would suffer the most are those whose loved ones are living with a disease that includes cognitive losses.

The problem right now is that wait times for help from CLSCs are very long, they can go up to several months. In addition, once in place, these resources are often insufficient in terms of hours of assistance. This is where private home care comes into play. Of course, they are not free, but they are eligible for a tax refund of 34%, even for beneficiaries who do not pay tax. This is a solution that has been put in place by the government to alleviate the problem. Private home care offers easy solutions with staff stability and times chosen by the patient himself and his family. We are not able to assess the decrease in the degree of exhaustion of families receiving home help, but we can say beyond any doubt that this alternative certainly makes it possible to reduce it.

Léonie Côté-Martin Clinical Nurse


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