Home support services, how to benefit?


5 November 2018 Tips

Around the world, we are witnessing an unprecedented demographic aging. In 2056, it is projected that 51% of the population will be over 65 in Quebec. (Ministry of Family and Seniors, 2012, p.10) The high decrease in the birth rate that followed the baby boom period and the increase in life expectancy contributed to this demographic trend.


As a result, there will be significant pressure on the health care system and the community to maintain seniors at home. More than ever, seniors will need to be counseled and supported in their dealings with health and social services institutions.

The Local Community Service Center (CLSC) and the Integrated University Center for Health and Social Services (CIUSSS) in your area offer several services for home support including:

  • “Assessment of home adaptation needs
  • Rehabilitation,
  • Caregiving services
  • Home help services
  • Psychosocial services,
  • Nursing and medical care,
  • Renting of specialized equipment (grab bar, walker …)
  • A fall prevention program. “


To take advantage of these services, simply contact the Home Support Access Desk in your area. Your doctor or hospital are also willing to make a request for services for you.

There may be a waiting period before being able to benefit from the identified services, as many users have use of CLSC services. For example, do not wait until the last minute to register at the Home Support Access Desk. Once a request is made, it is possible to follow the development of his file.

Initiatives required to allow staying at home can be stressful and exhausting for a senior. It is therefore advisable to offer help, through a specialized company with experienced staff, and support throughout the process. After all, this is to allow that person to maintain their independence and stay at home.

Ministry of Family and Seniors (2012) “Seniors in Quebec – Some Recent Data”, Management of research, evaluation and Statistics, p.28.


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